Where’s “Me”?

All through the day I me mine, I me mine, I me mine,
All through the night I me mine, I me mine, I me mine…
… No-one’s frightened of playing it,
Everyone’s saying it,
Flowing more freely than wine,
All through the day I me mine.

– George Harrison, in a song performed by the Beatles in 1970

It has been a while since I last blogged. This is apparently considered a cardinal sin for bloggers, especially new bloggers, because it drives away readers who may come back to the site for a second time. I apologies to readers I may have driven away in this manner (although, presumably, they aren’t returning to read my apology).

I plead two reasons.

First, is a self-diagnosis based on an examination of my earlier blogs. I’ve decided they have been too structured and formal, and lack the ‘conversational’ tone apparently necessary for a blog. I blame my continued ambivalence to the “I, Me, Mine” culture of new social media. I can’t imagine why anyone would be interested in the banalities of my days and ways.

But times change, and one must try to adapt. So here you have it – my first attempt at writing an informal, conversational, unstructured blog, revealing a lot more of ‘me’. I may even get rid of my informal review mechanism, and post it without getting my long-suffering husband to “take a quick look”.

The second reason relates to my stated raison d’etre for this blog – empowering the poor in global governance. While my first few blogs have talked of the need to create a space for the voices of the poor in global processes, I’ve been conscious of the fact that the voices of the poor themselves have been missing. I hope to address this in my next few blogs. I am in India for a field trip, and will visit rural areas where projects to adapt to climate change adaptation are taking place.

More on that in my next few blogs, which I promise will be more frequent – at least for the immediate future!

(Presumably, if I acknowledge me, I must acknowledge you. So thank you for visiting my blog, and I do hope you will return. And leave feedback. And subscribe).

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1 Response to Where’s “Me”?

  1. LSH says:

    A unilateral declaration of emancipation?! What next? 😉
    The “long-suffering” husband


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