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Consolidation for devolution: Balancing top-down and bottom-up elements of climate finance governance in India

Consolidating national and international climate finance in a national fund in India could help ensure common principles; coherence with national strategies; distributive justice; prioritisation of the needs of the most vulnerable; and flexibility through a continuous review process. However, such consolidation must come with a strong commitment to devolution. Continue reading

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Vulnerable India 8: Weather advisories need a human interface, and crop insurance needs a makeover

Both need stronger partnerships with non-government actors The plight of India’s poor farmers is poignantly highlighted by the suicides that continue to take place each year. Over 300,000 farmers have taken their lives since 1995 due to a combination of … Continue reading

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Vulnerable India 7: Learning from India’s agriculture policy

The threat to agriculture is one of India’s top concerns when it comes to climate change. More than half the country’s population depends on agriculture for livelihood, and more than half of this agriculture, in turn, depends entirely on rain, … Continue reading

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